Beginner workouts


My best excuses for not exercising (and the #ProFormTeams tips for getting around them)

How do you stop finding excuses not to exercise?
No time, no desire, too difficult, etc. The excuses for not exercising often hide a fear of failure. They are easy to dismantle
by adopting the right frame of mind and putting your real goals at the heart of your priorities. All you need is a little push
to get started!


I find the motivation to exercise

How do you stay motivated to be fit?
To keep myself motivated, I note the things that might discourage me and then I find appropriate solutions. I ask myself
what my real reasons are for training and I set up the conditions in which I want to do exercise. I am not too demanding
with myself and I persevere, putting pleasure first in my physical activity.


I’m starting to run: my 7 questions for the #ProFormTeam

How do you start running?
In the beginning, alternate between brisk walking and running intervals, paying attention to the quality of your stride and breathing to find the right pace. Once you have improved your cardio, incorporate acceleration into your sessions. Cross-training with strength training in addition to running is the fastest way to improve your fitness.


I’m sticking to my training plan this time!

How do I stick to my training plan?
In order to stick to your training plan, you should write it down in your calendar and not deviate from it under any
circumstances. The training sessions should be integrated into your daily life. You can plan a backup slot or postpone a
session if necessary. Whatever your mood of the day, the content of the sessions can be adapted to your desires: the
important thing is to maintain this appointment with yourself at all costs in order to achieve your objectives!


Returning to fitness: I’m having a successful first session

How to return to physical activity smoothly?
When returning to exercise, think of it as one of the ways to feel good, along with diet and sleep. Redefine your goals, then fit your sessions into your schedule, allowing for a rest period of 2 or 3 days between the first workouts. Equip yourself and prepare for the first session the day before. All you have to do is put on your trainers!


Is the Pro 9000 treadmill right for me?

Why should I buy a ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill?
Designed for moderate to intense use by various people, the Pro 9000 treadmill incorporates all the key features that have
made ProForm so successful: real-time adjustable speed and incline, iFIT Family access included for 1 year, comfort, total
immersion in the thousands of hours of training available to me, among other features. It covers a wide range of needs and
is a worthwhile investment for me and my family in the long term.