Fitness Goal


My new iFIT coach? Kayla Itsines, delivering explosive workouts!

What can we expect on iFIT with Kayla Itsines joining the coaching team?
Kayla Itsines joins the iFIT coaching family while continuing her work on Sweat (her women's fitness platform, now
associated with iFIT). With her, I benefit from new, highly dynamic training programmes that are specially designed to give
women what they are looking for when exercising: fun, energy, motivation and, above all, visible results. I discovered her
first series: Dynamic High Intensity, for 4 explosive weeks.


Eating well during pregnancy

What should I eat during pregnancy?
For pregnant women, the basic rules of a balanced diet apply along with some additional precautions to avoid the risk of
infection. Some food supplements can be prescribed by a professional. This period is an opportunity to take care of
yourself and discover new flavours: the main thing is to enjoy eating while supporting the baby's development!


Keys to managing stress at different ages

What is the best way to deal with stress at different ages?
The most effective techniques for dealing with stress are meditation, breathing exercises and having enough time for yourself to recharge. These can be learned in childhood and varied as needed throughout life. Good physical health and a fulfilling social life are also essential for serenity.


3 reasons to cultivate gratitude in your daily life (and how)

What benefits does gratitude bring?
The practise of gratitude has proven effects on mental and physical health, reducing cardiovascular risk factors. This
powerful tool of positive thinking contributes to well-being in personal relationships and at work. By saying thank you more
often and practising seeing everything positively, I can reap the benefits quickly.


I’m starting Vinyasa Yoga on iFIT: my inner journey under the Bermuda sun

What is Vinyasa yoga and how do I get started?
Vinyasa yoga is a fluid and dynamic variation of yoga, which consists of a loose sequence of movements synchronised with
deep breathing. To get started and learn the basics, follow the iFIT Beginner Vinyasa Yoga series. Shelley Dawson
introduces you to this inner journey from the Bermuda Archipelago.


Bodypositive: I learn to love my body as it is

How do you accept your body as it is?
In several stages, I learn to look at myself as I am, without judgement and cultivate gratitude for what my body allows me
to accomplish, I list the parts I like, and I am compassionate with myself. By seeing my body for what it is, far from the
unattainable standards dictated by society, I make peace with myself and learn to love myself for what I am.


I set up my home fitness gym at home

How do I set up a fitness area at home?
Creating a fitness room at home is a motivating project, which helps me create more space for exercise in my daily life. I
envisage a warm, well-ventilated and bright room with enough space to hold my equipment without having to put it all
away at the end of the sessions. I can equip myself with a folding treadmill or a connected fitness mirror for training like a


My best excuses for not exercising (and the #ProFormTeams tips for getting around them)

How do you stop finding excuses not to exercise?
No time, no desire, too difficult, etc. The excuses for not exercising often hide a fear of failure. They are easy to dismantle
by adopting the right frame of mind and putting your real goals at the heart of your priorities. All you need is a little push
to get started!


5 tips for getting and staying active at any age

Can you start exercising at any age?
There is no age limit for starting physical activity. The health benefits are the same whether you start at 20 or after 40! To begin exercising again, I choose an activity that I enjoy, and I make sure I warm up properly and give my body time to recover. I go at my own pace, perhaps with the help of a coach.


How to adopt the Mood Food trend to eat better every day

How can the Mood Food series on iFIT help me eat better?
In the Mood Food series on iFIT, Dr Eva Selhub offers a better understanding of the links between food and emotions. By
learning how to balance my microbiome and discovering mindful eating, I can change my relationship with food. The series is accompanied by recipes and practical exercises to quickly adopt healthy habits.